Mildenhall & Bury St Edmunds

Small Dents and Scratch Repair

Baker Body Craft repairs small dents and scratches on all types of vehicles.


Scratch Repair

A professional smart system is used which keeps the area of repair small.


This type of repair takes on average one to two days depending on the size of the area to be repaired.


When paint is required Baker Body Craft uses professional methods to correctly match the right colour and type of paint. Fast drying techniques are also used to speed up the process.


Dent Repair

Baker Body Craft provides paintless dent removal for quick and high quality results.


The price for small dent and scratch repair is on average between £50 to £150 for a high standard repair at a reasonable cost.


All repairs are carried out inside the body shop, not outside in the parking area.

If you have any enquiries on our services or products then please contact us.