Mildenhall, Bury St Edmunds & Ingham

Motorbike Body Repair and Paintwork

Baker Body Craft provides body shop repair and paintwork on all types of motorcycles. We are unique in the area because many vehicle body shops do not work on motorbikes.


Motorcycle / Motorbike Body Repair Work

Baker Body Craft specializes in both plastic and metalwork body repairs and has a motorcycle lift on-hand to ensure your motorbike is handled properly and with the best of care.


Motorcycle / Motorbike Paintwork

Baker Body Craft uses the most professional paint-systems available. These include Meza and Octoral.


Whether you want back to factory paintwork or a custom paint job Baker Body Craft can accommodate your needs. We also offer paintwork for cars, vans, and other light vehicles.


Our new parts and paintwork are covered under warranty, so you can be assured a quality, long-lasting repair.


You can either bring your motorbike to our Body Shop or we can collect it from your home or work for your convenience.

If you have any enquiries on our services or products then please contact us.